Gina Clark, President of the Erwin National Blue Ridge Pottery Club is waiting to open the door to this year's show.  The following items are stacked on the entry table for sale.  

Dianne Banks, on the left, is helping Gina Clark at the front desk.  We are having the best show ever according to a lot of our vendors.

We had a long line waiting to come inside to view and buy some of our gorgeous and rare Blue Ridge Pottery.  I happen to know these two collectors - Shelia and Charles McNabb.

These three are known by many.  Left to right:  Mildred Silvers, one of our original Blue Ridge Pottery painters, Brenda Kegley, and finally Vern Miller, famous from the Cash Pottery Annual Shows.

This is Lovely Linda (Variant) - a 44 piece set for 8 donated by Joey Lewis and Glenna Lewis of Valley Beautiful Mall located in downtown Erwin, TN.  For $1 donation you might win this set to be given away Oct. 8.

WINNER:  Caitlin McMahan, Spruce Pine, NC  - She was called by our President, Gina Clark.  Gina left a message for her to call back and that she won the Blue Ridge Pottery set.

These two are new to our show.  They are Jackie and Mark Ponder from Hamilton, Ohio - ((513) 284-6461   Jackie had an interesting story about how her Blue Ridge Pottery Plate was not found by anyone so she learned through Facebook to call Sandra Barefoot Reid.  You got it, she was asked to name this plate.  It is now called "Wedding Charm".


Deanie's Blue Ridge Pottery is owned by these two - Deanie and Keith Bailey of Irvine, CA (949) 251-8969 or (949) 307-2244

Gina is getting $1 donations for the 44 piece Blue Ridge Pottery Set (Lovely Linda - variant) to be given away on Saturday, October 8 - sometime before the show closes at 3 PM.


OCTOBER 6, 7, AND 8..