This year, 2023, the Cash Pottery Show will be held in the same Unicoi County High School Cafeteria on Saturday, May 27, 2023.  At least half of their wares are Blue Ridge Pottery.  I love their show.

The Cash Pottery Show was very successful.  I bought four Blue Ridge Pottery French Peasant demitasse cups and saucers to match a tray with the same design by Mike Sorenson.  I hope to share a photo with you when he completes it.  Mike was at our Blue Ridge Pottery Show in October 2021 - the first booth after you go down the stairs from the front door. 

During the last hour of the Cash show they had an auction.  Quite a few people showed up for the auction.  Each piece had to be at least $5.  As you can see, I was taking photos instead.  The show had about 50% Blue Ridge Pottery and 50% Cash Pottery.  This is a very organized club with dedicated members.




 ERWIN, TN.- MAY 28, 2022

The Cash Pottery Show really included some fine pottery.  They had plenty of Cash Pottery and I saw some great pieces of Blue Ridge Pottery too.  

The most interesting item to me was a large framed photo of the original Blue Ridge Painters shown by Rocky Tilson, Vendor.  Mike Riddle happened to stop by Rocky's table and recognized his mother, Lucy Riddle in the photo, third woman from left on back row.  I talked Mike into buying the photo and, of course, he did.  I'm sure he planned to anyway.

Carol Riggs