Photos taken in 2009 before Southern Potteries, Inc building was torn down and removed.  This is where they made Blue Ridge Pottery.


Southern Potteries, Inc. Union Float

Marvin Hampton - Mold Maker

Southern Potteries Building located on Watauga Avenue, Erwin, TN

Alvin Miller, Production Supervisor, (Joyce Miller's Father)

Cup and Saucer called "Rose Marie" - the "dot, dot, dot, dash trim was Morse Code which read "Victory" made during WWII.

Collector Truck

Spruce Pine, NC - Feldspar Quarry - important ingredient in making Blue Ridge Pottery.

Feldspar Mill was located on Spar Mill Road, Erwin, TN - they ground up the rock and separated out the feldspar by the float method.

In 1949 the Feldspar Milling Co. entered into a joint venture with NC Feldspar of Erwin, TN to form Feldspar Flotation Corp.& build one of the first successful flotation feldspar plants at Spruce Pine.

The photos show Michael Bare with the TDOT sign department selecting the site for our Historic Marker - corner of Main and Tucker across from the Plant Palace, the TDOT installation crew, Tina and Neil Jones - club members, Mayor Doris Hensley with the bullhorn, Tyler Engle, Director of the Joint Economic Development Board of Unicoi County with two pottery artists Frankie Lewis and Mildred Silvers and sister Glenna Lewis, co-owner of the Valley Beautiful Mall, Richard Riggs - originator of the historic marker and club member.  The dedication of the marker took place at the Erwin, TN Farmer's Market the evening of July 17, 2018.  Most of our club members attended as you can see in their photo.  We were selling Blue Ridge pottery and Christmas ornaments from the Kiwanis.

 Blue Ridge Pottery Historic Marker  INCEPTION TO DEDICATION