This is a photo of Erwin's Feldspar Mill which was located on the end of the current Spar Mill Road off of Carolina Avenue.  This mill took in chunks of feldspar from Spruce Pine, NC and ground it up to a fine powder.  They used the float method to separate the impurities from the fine powder.  This powder was used to help make Blue Ridge Pottery a fine china. Spruce Pine still has several mills operating and they ship this powder to fine china companies in England.  See photo of strip mine below.  Spruce Pine is a great day trip from Erwin. They have a few restaurants and a terrific rock shop if you are into rocks.

‚ÄčThis photo shows the Southern Potteries, Inc. Building in 1917 when it opened.  It was located off of Carolina Avenue and Watauga.  It was taken down several years ago.

This was Southern Potteries Local Union Parade Float.

These photos were taken of the Southern Potteries building on April 3, 2009. Photo No. 1 is taken from the back of Watauga towards Carolina Avenue.  Photo No. 2 was taken through one of the windows.  Photo No. 3 is of the Guard Shack looking across the street.  Photo 4 was taken in the back where the docks were located. Carol Riggs took these photos after she heard that they were going to demolish the building.  Nothing much exists there now except a workshop for the City of Erwin's Street Department.